Sometimes mild, often severe. People living with AIP have said the following (although your symptoms may be different):

It feels like someone is slicing your insides with a straight razor, while pouring hot lava through them. There is really no way to explain it
Being kicked with a steel-toed boot
It feels like I am digesting glass shards
A 600-pound person sitting on my stomach and twisting it like a wet towel to remove all the water
Demons chewing their way out of my gut and standing in a pile of fire ants

AIP can cause pain in your abdomen and many other parts of your body.
The pain can last for hours or days, only to leave and come back again. And again.

What happens in your body when you have AIP?

AIP symptoms are caused by the partial lack of an enzyme (a type of protein) in your body that helps make heme. The heme in your cells helps carry oxygen to all parts of your body. Usually your body has enough of the enzyme to do what it is supposed to do. But when it doesn’t, certain chemicals build up. And when that happens, symptoms of AIP may occur.

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